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  1. Easter Bliss

    Smogon Rivalries

    ur so lucky replays are down
  2. Easter Bliss

    Tournament UUSD IV - Semifinals

    :sandaconda: Lake of Outrage Sandacondas (11) vs (1) :dragonair: Dragon's Den Dragonairs (the semis loss prophecy must be fulfilled at all costs) none of this is serious btw!!! SV UU: Mossy Sandwich vs vivalospride - It is said in legend that those who are sandslashed are never the same. Being...
  3. Easter Bliss

    Resource NU Viability Rankings

    quick noms :Salazzle: A+ -> S Defining offensive threat and progress-maker that only got better w the introduction of Florges, Encore is a godsend. Top 3 mon at the bare minimum and as it stands I think it's fair to reflect that w a rise. imo its just better than most of A+ by a pretty decent...
  4. Easter Bliss

    Project SV NU Personal Viability Rankings Discussion

    Mons are not ordered within tiers. Excluded some uncommon mons I have genuinely 0 experience w, but nothing particularly relevant there. Including some brief explanations for each mon on the rankings, not going to include shitters on the lower end of the B ranks and below: S Tier :goodra: -...
  5. Easter Bliss

    Tournament UU Snake Draft IV - Week 1

    Dragon's Den Dragonairs vs. Lake of Outrage Sandacondas SV UU: vivalospride vs Fc - viv seems like he's been having a good time w the gen and I'm going to assume that continues SV UU: Andyboy vs TJ - I have no idea who Andyboy is, might be the greatest player to touch the site for all I know...
  6. Easter Bliss

    SV UU Metagame Discussion

    :Ceruledge: So I have thoughts on this mon... I really hate Ceruledge and its presence in the tier. To get one thing out of the way, yes the mon is quite linear in what it intends to do and is relegated to hyper offense for the most part. That said, lines into Ledge in-game are often extremely...
  7. Easter Bliss

    UU Snake Draft IV - Player Signups

    easter bliss sv -4
  8. Easter Bliss

    SV UU Metagame Discussion

    figured I'd leave my thoughts on the new drops before the qb slate + maybe some mons I find interesting :SV/Roaring-Moon: I don't think anyone seriously expected Moon to be balanced, and believe it or not it just isn't! Tier just isn't equipped to deal w a mon with the raw amount of power it...
  9. Easter Bliss

    Scarlet and Violet UU Post-Home Viability Rankings

    :sv/Tinkaton: Fine w the VR as it stands, but the fact this didn't drop a tier was a tad surprising. I think it's still by all means a good mon between the utility & the god typing though I don't think it's really on par w A+ as it stands. With the non-stop surge of bulky spinduck & ofc iron...
  10. Easter Bliss

    UUWC III - Finals (Won by Rest of World)

    Well there certainly was a Lokix
  11. Easter Bliss

    UUWC III - Finals (Won by Rest of World)

    US West (5) vs (3) Rest of World SV: velvet vs tko - The cho has been owning big time this tour. I think this is actually one of the much closer games tho. Think Velv can definitely get it if she tryhards enough in the builder which I wouldn't be surprised if she does. Both good players and...
  12. Easter Bliss

    Scarlet and Violet UU Post-Home Viability Rankings

    tbh I'm bored so noms, be warned these r going to be very rambly and informal Rises :tornadus-therian: A+ -> S - What I consider to be the absolute best mon in the meta by a large margin as well as the most broken. Hella splashable by virtue of the speed tier and typing in tandem w Regen...
  13. Easter Bliss

    UUWC III - Semifinals

    Liz Angeles vs Chloe
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  15. Easter Bliss

    when uuwc, -4

    when uuwc, -4
  16. Easter Bliss

    UUWC III - Pools

    w gg go east
  17. Easter Bliss

    on tours as easter bliss

    on tours as easter bliss
  18. Easter Bliss

    I'll be on in 5

    I'll be on in 5